[:zh]当机械课程设计遇上程序猿[:en]When the mechanical course design meets the program ape[:]

 [:en]When it took a day and a half to calculate a big move, it turned out that when designing the V-belt and gear, the unmodified transmission ratio, speed and torque were used, or  the helical gear actually was designed used the formula of spur gear .Moreover When  it was found that calculation of soft and hard tooth surface was mixtured,that  there is a calculation of the middle of the data,that the strength of the verification does not match, and that on the board a size  not matching could not be drawn ,what we should do? Is it really going to take a day and a half to recalculate it again, two times ....... N times until all the data meets the requirements? This repeated calculation of the calibration process is indeed a big problem.

However, when the course design encounters program apes, it is time to solve the problem, relieving the students' hands from cumbersome calculations and make themselves devote to the drawing and design creation. I think this is what for me to doas a small program ape.




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