[:zh]如何与室友相处?[:en]How to be together with roommates?[:]

为了使自己处于精力饱满的状态,良好的作息习惯必不可少。1.尽量在11.30之前睡觉少熬夜 2也不要睡懒觉起的特别晚 3.起床时动静不要太大别影响到室友休息 4室友在睡觉时鼠标键盘声要尽量轻,最好不用。

      In a collective, everyone has obligations and responsibilities to be self-discipline . In other words, a harmonious and united collective can not be separated from the common maintenance of everyone. I'm ashamed that I can't do it or even don't realize it. If I base my happiness on the pain and suffering of others, let alone that happiness. In order to keep oneself full of energy, a good habit of working and rest is essential.

  • Do not sleep and stay up too late .
  • Do not get up too late,either.  
  • Do not affect the roommates in sleep when getting up.
  • When rootmates are sleeping,the sound of mouse and keyboard should be as light as possible.
  • It is best to get up with a biological clock in the morning without alarm. If you want to use alarm , you'd better turn it into vibration mode

      Finally, the most important point to live in harmony with the collective is timely communication. Point out the wrong in the right way, and like the good others do for the collective. All of above are concluded based on my experiences, some of which even contain the lesson of my being young and crazy.




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